A company continuously committed to creating THE PRODUCT OF EXCELLENCE, the best on the market, the result of the perfect combination of INNOVATION and TRADITION.
The Modenese company, leader in the production of piadina and tigelle, was born in 1974 from the joint experience of Renzo Montagnani and Carla Rebecchi, allowing them to industrialise their craftsmanship and preserve the FLAVOURS AND QUALITY OF TRADITION.

An Italian success story which, for over four decades, has set itself apart for its constant focus on the quality of products and raw materials, while respecting the ancient flavors of tradition.
In 2018 the private equity company Aksia Group SGR SpA, acquired control of CRM, through the Aksia Capital IV investment fund.

The main driving force remains its employees who, for decades, have worked with passion and contributed to the growth and development of the company.

New management strengthens the existing structures with the aim of enabling the group to consolidate its strong growth in Italy and abroad, continuously investing in production capacity and launching new products.

A company that has always focused on innovation and has made its key values product and raw material authenticity and quality, as well as control of the supply chain in order to respect the ancient flavors of tradition!


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